1 season

Watch it for...

A healthy dose of pioneer-lady inspiration, a heart-wrenching storyline that will leave you in tears, and to see how Yellowstone’s Dutton family got to Montana!


1883 is the breathtaking drama prequel to the hit show, Yellowstone. The Duttons are a determined family who journey out West to claim land and begin a new rule-free, off-the-grid, adventure-worthy life. With the help of a former Union captain, other guides, and immigrant families, they face physical, emotional, and personal hardships along the Oregon Trail. The show stands-alone as a depiction of the early West and pioneer life, but it also explains how the Yellowstone ranch came to be and sheds some light on the origins of the feuds the modern-day Duttons are embroiled in.

Heather's thoughts

As a huge fan of Yellowstone, I was so excited to watch 1883. Hands down, it did not disappoint! Beautifully written and perfectly cast, the series did a phenomenal job of capturing what life was like back for those who dared journey out west. From the costumes to the love stories, and even the difficult and dramatic scenes, I really connected with the characters and their struggles. It’s definitely a show that leaves you rooting for the underdog, and it certainly doesn’t hurt watching Tim McGraw stroll around shirtless and strong!


While the series isn’t for the weak of heart--there are some pretty brutal scenes—it had such a magical essence, making it nearly impossible not to binge watch it. You were always left wanting more at the end of each hour-long episode. I think my favorite thing about the show was watching new actress Isabell May’s character, Elsa, transform from a sweet southern belle into a heroic, sassy, and strong cowboy. Toss in all of the Yellowstone tie-ins, and I was sold with this series!