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An inspiring and true story of Billboard legend Angelyne and a surreal, hot pink-infused escape that inspires you to live boldly and creatively!


Angelyne tells the story of Los Angeles legend Angelyne, played by Emmy Rossum, and her sudden rise to fame. The enigmatic Angelyne burst onto the Hollywood scene in the 1980s, and became a sensation through her strategic use of hundreds of billboards that featured just her photo and name. The billboards cultivated an air of mystery and hype that made everyone want to know who she was, and catapulted Angelyne into fame. The series spans several decades and shows different stages of Angelyne’s life, through the lens of the conflicting memories of Angelyne and the different people she met along the way. Along with the gorgeous visuals of L.A. in the 80s, Angelyne always keeps the viewer guessing as to what she’ll do next.

Leannet's thoughts

I didn’t know what to expect when I started watching Angelyne, but I was pleasantly surprised! I was drawn in by the bright pink and scenes from L.A., but I stayed for Emmy Rossum’s captivating performance and Angelyne’s fascinating story. We watch as Angelyne becomes the version of herself she had always dreamed of, but wasn’t always allowed to be. This struck a chord with me because I was in a longterm relationship that didn’t work out, where I sacrificed the version of myself I knew I wanted to be. After 14 years of being in relationships where I dimmed myself, I’m only just now starting to rediscover who I really am, in my first year of being single.


Angelyne’s dramatic transformation into herself — as well as Emmy Rossum’s dramatic transformation into Angelyne! — is a powerful reminder of our ability to express ourselves. The unconventional storytelling and fun visual style of Angelyne inspired me to be more creative and open as I keep finding myself. Angelyne is about taking control of your own narrative instead of letting it be co-opted by your past. In a world where women are expected to BE so much and take on so many roles, Angelyne says just be yourself and do what you want!