2 seasons

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The witty and fast-paced family comedy that transpires when a new B&B owner can suddenly see, and then befriends, a group of hilariously opinionated ghosts.


When Sam and Jay, a relatable and optimistic young couple, inherit a large estate outside the city, they’re eager to turn it into the next big countryside bed-and-breakfast. She’s a freelance journalist and he’s a talented chef—what could go wrong? After Sam has an accident, finding herself suddenly able to see and hear the ghosts, they discover that their property has a few long-term residents from eras of the past. Each character brings a different level of chaos and joy to the house as they balance their various afterlife crises and the impending opening of the B&B.  

Viewers soon discover that the afterlife can be just as riveting as the world of the living. This multigenerational (to say the least!) family is anything but ordinary, but you’ll still find them fighting over the remote and trying to impress the judgmental neighbors. Based on the British show of the same name, and with incredible performances and comedy that will have you laughing out loud, Ghosts is not to be missed!

Amy's thoughts

This show hit the spot when I needed a new upbeat comedy for my husband and I that wasn’t grounded in a work or classic family drama storyline. It effortlessly weaves modern day issues and the past in hilarious ways by using characters that are decades, if not centuries, old paired with a pair of upbeat millennials. You immediately fall in love with all of the ghosts, the tricks they play on each other, and Sam and Jay’s undying patience for their shenanigans.

The show does balance the comedy with moments of true human compassion and the occasional life lesson. Some of the most touching moments come from the learning moments between characters that grew up in different generations. The moment that most stuck with me was when Flower, the dazed ‘70s hippie, discreetly explained to Hetty, the ultra-proper robber baron’s wife, why she enjoyed sitting on the washing machine, and that it was okay! It’s full of inside jokes, moments of nostalgia for decades past, and a sense of respect for the history of where you’ve come from and who came before you. But it’s definitely crafted for those with a sense of humor, especially if you love to laugh at yourself like me!