Resident Alien

2 seasons

Watch it for...

The reminder that most of humanity is actually pretty good when you take the time to get to know people on a personal level…and for a really good laugh!


Resident Alien follows the life of Harry, an alien with a terrible mission, who appears to most of the town’s residents like an average man…except for one little boy, the son of the town’s Mayor, who can see him as his true alien self. There’s one catch: when Harry, the alien, landed, he stole the form of the town’s doctor. Laughter ensues as he tries to pretend to know what he’s doing as a doctor, and as he interacts with and learns about the community he lives in.


He’s helped, and occasionally hindered, by the doctor’s nurse, Asta, an indigenous woman who has recently rekindled a relationship with the daughter she gave up for adoption. Her best friend, D’Arcy, is an Olympic has-been and the local bartender, who’s always wisecracking and giving Harry a hard time. The twist? Ultimately, Harry, the alien, has a mission: to kill the whole planet. But the tables are turned as he starts to understand more about humans and how they live, love and care for each other.

Holli's thoughts

If anyone besides me remembers the show Firefly, you’ll be thrilled to see a familiar face in Resident Alien—I’m a huge fan of Alan Tudyk, and he really delivers in this new role! Honestly, he was the entire reason I started watching this show, even though I wasn’t exactly sure I’d love the premise. However, when I watched the pilot, I fell in love with many more of the characters. There are two women in particular who have great story arcs, and I really found myself rooting for them. The writing is superb and the plotline is less predictable than I thought it would be, with lots of surprising twists and turns which are always exciting for me. Resident Alien was heartwarming without being cheesy, and is a totally different perspective on the alien-goes-to-earth genre. It’s worth the watch!