The Endgame

1 season

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An enticing, curious, and suspenseful crime drama with two powerful, intelligent women facing off in a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse!


The action starts with a bank heist — oh, wait, it’s 5 bank heists. All of them are spearheaded by a crafty female arms dealer, Elena Federova, who is locked up in a secure FBI interrogation room when the heists take place. But the criminals’ objective is unclear, as they aren’t after money.  Elena is full of riddles as she ensnares Val Turner, a loner FBI agent on the outside of her department. The two characters have history, and Val is wise to many of Elena’s actions…but Elena stays one step ahead of her. Even their husbands seem to know each other! As Elena remains incarcerated, the questions keep piling up, and Val races to uncover the truth before any more crimes are committed.

Kristen's thoughts

Perhaps this doesn't frame me in the best light, but I love watching shows where the women are ultra-intelligent and strategic, and the men really aren't. The Endgame completely delivers! Watching this series made me feel empowered. Even though these two hyper-intelligent, clever women are in opposition, I identified with them both. Neither is fully good or bad. During some episodes, I really related to Val, the badass FBI agent with a complicated history, but in others, I found myself favoring Elena, the doyenne arms dealer who seems to be pulling all the strings. My wife and I debated who we liked more after every episode. All I know for sure is that the season ended too soon, and I'm anxiously awaiting the next one!