A League of Their Own

1 season

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The reimagining of a beloved classic that features an all-female cast and explores race, sexuality, and the fight against gender stereotypes in 1940s America.


While Carson Shaw’s husband is away at war, she travels to Chicago to try out for the brand new All-American Girl’s Professional Baseball League. She signs on to the Rockford Peaches and grapples with sexist marketing, playing baseball in dresses, an indifferent coach, and inspiring her teammates…all while trying to win baseball games! Meanwhile, Maxine Chapman, a Black woman who is a talented professional-level pitcher, gets outright rejected from tryouts. Viewers follow along as she fights an uphill battle to be allowed to play baseball on any team at all, and learn how much of herself she has to hide from both friends and family.

Jackie's thoughts

Not typically being a sports movie fan (or even particularly athletic), I watched the 1992 movie for the first time earlier this year. I loved the team dynamics and the story but felt that a few things fell short in today’s lens. Happily, the 2022 series fixes that! I loved that it didn’t ignore the realities of gender, sexuality, and race in 1943 but still managed to be fun, funny, and romantic. The identity struggles that the characters face are magnified in 1943 which is particularly hard for the LGBTQ community. As a viewer, we get to witness some harsh moments but some tender ones as well. Fingers crossed for a season 2!