A Million Little Things

5 seasons

Watch it for...

A grounded and realistic reminder that though life has its ups-and-down, a great support system of friends and family makes everything better.


A Million Little Things is about a close group of friends that go through many realistic setbacks and challenges in life. The show starts with the suicide of a friend and how his suicide impacts everyone in their friend group. Though shocking and tragic, it’s the catalyst for many of his friends, and the viewers themselves, to reflect on their own lives.

As the story progresses, his friends go on but encounter many obstacles that require them to lean on one another. The women battle job losses, cancer, relationship problems, and more, while the men struggle with depression, relationships, addiction, and holding it all together in honor of their friend. Through it all, only one thing remains constant: their friendships. While all of these traumas happen, the show overall has a sense of family and belonging—as if the viewers are a part of the family as well.  

Take note: this show discusses suicide, sexual assault, and other sensitive topics. Take care while watching!

Nanette's thoughts

This might be surprising given its subject matter, but this is one of my favorite shows! AMLT is the opposite of a traditional family drama—it keeps you guessing and shows an authentic version of how friends and family really lean on each other. I fell in love with the characters in the first few episodes, and felt so close to them throughout the show. I truly believe that this is one of those shows that everyone can relate to. Every story line is a slice of real life, and you will experience all the inevitable ups-and-downs alongside the characters.

I felt most connected to one of the married couples, Regina and Rome. Watching Regina struggle with her restaurant and catering businesses, especially during Covid, was tough. I’m a small business owner and it’s challenging! That being said, Regina and Rome are a true inspiration of love, and the way Rome supports her is amazing. When Rome struggles, Regina is there for him too. To see how true kindness can change our lives at our lowest moments is unmeasurable. It made me feel like I am not alone in this crazy world.

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