Another Self

1 season

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An emotional rollercoaster ride through the lives of three best friends in Turkey, who are each struggling to resolve unhealed trauma from their pasts.


In this Turkish drama, three women—Ada, a surgeon, Sevgi, a lawyer, and Leyla, a stay-at-home mom—who have been best friends since childhood take a road trip together to a seaside town, Ayvalik, after one of them receives a scary diagnosis. Once there, they meet a healer who invites them to sessions that access and resolve ancestral trauma and entanglements. Though skeptical, they each begin to connect to themselves, their ancestors, and unconscious family patterns, more deeply to find inner peace and return to lives filled with passion and love. During their time in Ayvalik, they each make dramatic choices that will change their lives forever, from new relationships to changing their work lives to starting new families. And as an added bonus, the scenery of Turkey and Ayvalik in particular is gorgeous!

Caroline's thoughts

As a therapist who works with intergenerational trauma, I absolutely loved that Another Self shows the essence of this powerful work in a very entertaining way. We all carry unconscious patterns that sometimes hold us back from fulfilling dreams and passions, and that’s portrayed beautifully through the growth that each of these women undergo during the show. Often those patterns have been passed on to us from previous generations, and so I really appreciated the inclusion of some of their family members, too!  

This series not only entertained me for hours, but it also inspired me to keep exploring within my own life to connect more deeply to myself. It’s great if you have an interest in inherited trauma, but it was also just a very fun show. I really liked all three women and wanted them to be happy and succeed in the end. I also enjoyed seeing so much of the beautiful Turkish seaside!