Baby Reindeer

1 season

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An eerie but gripping story about trauma, obsession, and mental illness that will leave you in awe of its vulnerability and intensity.


Baby Reindeer is a psychological thriller based on the true experience of actor Richard Gadd, who plays protagonist Donny Dunn. A struggling comedian and bartender, Donny forms an unlikely connection with a troubled patron, Martha. At first, Donny is flattered by Martha’s attention and sympathizes with her loneliness and lack of financial security. However, he soon discovers Martha’s fascination with him is more than a mere crush—it’s a deadly obsession. 

Martha starts stalking Donny, giving him a mysterious nickname and bombarding him with thousands of lewd emails. After a non-consensual encounter between them, Donny begins to unravel his own dark history, forced to confront repressed memories from years prior. Eventually, he realizes that processing his past is the answer to solving his career slump—and the only option to rid himself of Martha once and for all.

Christina's thoughts

I thought Baby Reindeer was a compelling exploration of sexuality and power dynamics, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a thought-provoking watch! Though uncomfortable at times, it urges viewers to consider how women can inflict physical and emotional harm on men too. I also appreciated how the series delved into the topic of male sexual abuse, the subtleties of which are rarely depicted in the media.

Even in the show’s darkest and most twisted moments, Baby Reindeer continued to pull me in with its complex characters. I’m very particular about the true crime I consume, but this story felt authentic, vulnerable, and hard to turn away from. Martha’s apparent mental illness doesn’t excuse her behavior, yet her portrayal is still sprinkled with nuance. Donny is flawed too, and his rocky journey embracing his bisexuality further speaks to how unresolved issues can lurk in our subconscious, hurting the people closest to us.

If you enjoy television that tackles serious social issues with a touch of dry humor, Baby Reindeer might be right up your alley!

Note: This show has many trigger warnings for sensitive subject matter, so please watch with caution.

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