Bad Sisters

1 season

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Breathtaking scenes of Ireland, inspiring performances, dark humor, and a powerful demonstration of the unbreakable bonds shared between sisters.


Bad Sisters follows the Garvey sisters, a tight-knit fivesome who promised to always protect each other after their parents’ death. When one of the sisters’ husband dies, it sets off a chain reaction that will test just how strong their bond really is. The show moves deftly between two timelines: one before Grace’s abusive and misogynistic husband John Paul passes away, in which her sisters plot his murder, and one after John Paul’s death, in which a strong-willed insurance agent tries to prove the sisters’ involvement in order to save his struggling business. Taken together, it’s a thrilling portrait of love, devotion, and betrayal.

Johny's thoughts

I absolutely LOVE this show! I used to live in Ireland, and got my Masters Degree from Trinity College in Dublin. Having lived there and fallen in love with the city and the country, I give any show set in Ireland a chance. I’ve watched some duds, but Bad Sisters wasn’t one of them! It’s incredible: it’s smart, it’s well-written, it’s well-acted, and it’s way more of a whodunnit than I first realized. I obviously don’t want to give too much away because so much of this show is unraveling the mystery that is John Paul’s death, but I will say that part of what this show does so well is making the audience believe they have it figured out…and then ripping that certainty away by showing the audience how everything is not as it appears.  


And where some shows based around a murder can feel like a runaway train, Bad Sisters is able to ground itself thanks to its relationships. There wasn’t a single moment where I didn’t believe that the five women playing the Garvey sisters weren’t real people with lived experiences. They felt authentic, messy, and relatable, like an actual family. I really enjoyed seeing different personalities and how some interactions would change based on which sisters were together at any given time. This is a show about a murder, but at its heart, it’s about just how far sisters will go to protect one of their own.