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The inspiring depiction of a woman who faced challenging situations with humor and grace, while maintaining her independence and strong sense of self.


In Becoming, a documentary series based on the bestselling memoir of the same name, Michelle Obama, the 44th First Lady of the United States, takes us through her experience as the wife of the President from their first to their last day in the White House. She describes how her family and background as a lawyer prepared her for this journey. Through interviews, events, and archival footage, this inspirational documentary looks at Michelle’s childhood and days as a student. It shows how her resilience in her early life paved the way for her later as a First Lady, even when she was misinterpreted, criticized, or hurt. Throughout the documentary, Michelle speaks to how she held her head up high and got the work done.

Peace's thoughts

If you're like me and love strong and empowering women, then Becoming is a great choice! Watching Michelle Obama go on a tour to several cities and have many women of various ages, colors, and backgrounds show up to listen to her was beautiful. I know that I, like many women, have questions about their identity, family, or how to navigate adversity. Michelle answered these questions from personal experience and motivational stories. Two things stood out to me in particular: many women don’t know when to take a break and say, “I need help,” or they go to professionals instead of the people around them. Michelle talks about coming to a breaking point and recognizing that she couldn’t do everything alone.

Also, I loved seeing that Michelle was a family woman, in addition to career-oriented. It’s clear how much she loves her daughters and how important it was to her that they be raised as strong and independent young women that aren’t phased by their dad’s position as President. Becoming had the best personal stories and examples, and I highly recommend this show to women looking for inspiration and strength in the face of many societal challenges.