Better Things

5 seasons

Watch it for...

The genuine and funny depictions of motherhood and the beautiful ways the show captures both the mundane and existential moments of life.


Better Things follows Sam Fox, a single mom of three daughters who works as an actress in Los Angeles. Between her acting gigs and raising her strong-willed girls, she also cares for her aging mother who lives across the street…and somewhere in all that, she tries to squeeze in a personal life! Though it’s as funny as a sitcom, it breaks the “neatly-wrapped plotline” mold as it focuses on Sam’s day-to-day juggling act: trying to raise three young women, maintain a career in a difficult industry, and care for her family members—those she’s related to by blood and those she chose.

Jackie's thoughts

Better Things checked all my boxes! I was looking for a series I could enjoy for a long time, which meant it had to have more than a few seasons, short episodes, and a storyline that would keep me interested enough to look forward to watching it the next day. It's real, yet quirky and unpredictable at the same time which I love. Though it tackles some huge themes and captures a broad spectrum of emotions, it was always funny and relatable. Watching Sam give her best to her daughters while they frequently complained and didn't fully appreciate her brought up a lot of parenting emotions for me. We have all been there! My kids are now adults, so in my experience, these things do pass. I admired how she kept her cool during some very messy times and that while she was cooking dinner, she was always in her happy place. Over five seasons we see everyone grow up, mature, and figure out what really matters.