Black Spot

2 seasons

Watch it for...

A paranormal, suspenseful plot that's inventive and keeps you guessing, and the moody, cinematic beauty of small-town life in France.


Black Spot, a French series, is set in the small, remote town of Villefranche, home to dark secrets and a murder rate six times higher than the national average. Surrounding it on all sides is a mysterious and dangerous forest where many people die. Police-Major Laurène Weiss is trying to solve the disappearance of the Mayor’s daughter when Prosecutor Franck Siriani comes to investigate the town’s high murder rate. As Siriani investigates the town’s secrets, Laurène starts to uncover the darkness in her own past.

Rachael's thoughts

Black Spot has everything I’ve ever wanted from a supernatural thriller! Its mysterious tone never fades, the writing treats each character with depth and complexity, the setting is superb, and the plotlines are easy enough to follow even as the arcs intersect. Though the show knows how to keep its cards close to its chest, it always revealed just enough so I understood what was going on without destroying the magic. And the show is just beautiful to look at! If you’re like me and have an aesthetic Pinterest board titled “Dark Nature,” then this show is for you. Really, though, this show has a little bit of something for everyone—dark pasts, political intrigue, ecological themes, romantic subplots, murder mysteries, and pagan lore all wrapped into an amazingly coherent package. My friends and I love talking about this one together, discovering new things and testing out theories on each other. It’s a really fun watch!