3 seasons

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Twisting, complicated, and intense family drama anchored by complex female characters against the gorgeous backdrop of the Florida Keys!


Bloodline follows the interweaving storylines and relationships of a family of well-off siblings in the Florida Keys. After the siblings inherit their family’s inn, the black sheep sibling of the family returns home, forcing everyone else to take a deep look at the well-respected and admired family’s long-buried, dark secrets. Will relationships survive? To what lengths will the siblings go to in order to make sure certain family secrets stay hidden forever?

Johny's thoughts

When I first stumbled upon Bloodline, it appealed to me because of the powerhouse female actors attached to the project. Having never been to the Florida Keys but with family in other parts of Florida, I was also interested in learning about the climate and culture of a place I’ve never visited (all filming/production took place in the Keys). Although the show is a bit of a slow burn, the investment into the world-building and plot development really pays off with one of the craziest, most thrilling twists at the end of the first season that I’ve ever seen!

The show takes its time introducing the Rayburn family, but it really is the women that stand out. Every female character that appears feels well-written, fully-formed, and intentional. Some of the most interesting themes in the show are explored by its female characters—marriage and whether or not to have children, relationship power dynamics, family finances, and infidelity—and are themes that my girlfriends and I are either going through now or have gone through before. Additionally, coming from a large family myself, I felt like the various sibling personality types and relationships represented were depicted in a way that felt grounded and true. Even though this show is a thriller, many of the family dynamics made me laugh out loud!