7 seasons

Watch it for...

A suspenseful storyline full of twists and turns, characters that grow and change in believable ways, and a top-notch jazz soundtrack!


Inspired by Michael Connelly’s crime novels, Bosch tells the story of Los Angeles Police Department veteran homicide detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, known by his colleagues simply as Bosch. Based in Los Angeles, the series showcases a realistic view of the gritty and relentless work of a passionate detective for the Hollywood Division and the associated legal proceedings.

Whether investigating a suspicious death, chasing down new leads on a cold case, or even uncovering corruption, Bosch is on a constant quest to find answers and right wrongs. He can often be seen as a sort of lone wolf, studying case files into the wee hours with a jazz record spinning in his hilltop home overlooking the City of Angels. And while Bosch may have a tough exterior and appear unflappable, the series seamlessly explores this jazz aficionado's more personal side through his roles as father, partner, and trusted confidante to many.

Jessica's thoughts

There's something about Bosch! It is so much more than your typical police drama. Not only does it have edge-of-your-seat storylines and realistic characters you grow to love (or hate!), it is surprisingly full of heartwarming moments that simply make you feel good. One of the best parts? My husband loves it, too. Finding a show that we both are obsessed with is pretty hard to come by!  

The series reminds me of when I was younger, staying up late to devour a page-turner mystery book. Since the series is so riveting, we will actually stay awake to finish an episode or two, even after a busy day of work. Seven seasons may seem a bit daunting, but you’ll fly through them with each episode leaving you both content and wanting more.