Cable Girls

5 seasons

Watch it for...

Increased admiration for a group of brave women changing the status quo together in 1920s Spain as they become the first working women in the country!


Cable Girls begins in Spain in the early 1920s at the country’s first telephone company, located in Madrid, where a group of women are hired to be cable operators. Although there is one “main” character, each of the women has an important story to tell. They all have battles to overcome, from domestic violence to LGBTQ+ oppression to watching their husbands leave for war. Each of the women faces difficult choices throughout the series, like choosing between their own best interest and that of their friends. It is a truly inspiring story of what lengths women will go to in order to protect each other, set against the backdrop of Spain’s rigid and oppressive patriarchy. Cable Girls is the perfect combination of soap opera drama, historical fiction, and edge-of-your-seat action!

Brittany's thoughts

I loved Cable Girls! I really related to the main character, Lidia, who was forced to become emotionally self-sufficient at a young age. Thanks to her deep-rooted distrust of people, she has a hard time deciphering who has her best interests at heart. This keeps her torn between two men who both claim to love her. I’ve definitely been fooled by people whom I thought cared about me, and I know how hard it is to leave some people in your past.

Between the action and the relationship drama, I was 100% sucked into this show. Each episode had me glued to my TV! I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys character-focused dramas. It only takes a few episodes to feel like you know each of the girls personally. Oh, and I won’t spoil the ending, but in my opinion, it was done perfectly.