1 season

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The suspense and thrill of watching the consequences of a deadly love affair in a small Texas town unfold, while knowing that it's based on a true story!


Inspired by true events, Candy tells the story of two housewives in 1980s Texas and how their fates intertwine in a tale of tragedy, betrayal, and murder between friends. There’s Candy Montgomery–a doting mother, friend, and churchgoing wife–and Betty Gore, a former schoolteacher and foster parent with two young children. When events in their small town and between them turn dark, the viewer watches both of their stories unfold. Candy will leave you wondering… was it really self-defense or was it the perfect cold-blooded murder?

Lauren's thoughts

Candy takes a deep dive into characters I could relate to, as I grew up in the Deep South in the 1990s. Candy and Betty felt like women my mom would have been friends with! More importantly, it takes a look at how different women’s lives were not so long ago. Weaving a story through complex themes like the complications of motherhood, the intensity of boredom, and the dark side of female friendship, Candy kept me wondering which straw would break the camel’s back between friends. I enjoy shows that feel investigative and are based on real stories, and through flashbacks and a single point of view, the show gives the sense of the events happening in real time. Even in the final episode I was contemplating who the real victim was!