4 seasons

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The stunning looks, flashy manicures, and funny female-driven drama as a nail salon owner’s criminal activity quickly costs more than it promised to pay.


Niecy Nash stars as the bold, beautiful Desna Simms, a nail technician and salon owner with a loyal crew willing to do anything for their boss. As the primary caregiver for her autistic brother Dean, Desna does whatever it takes to provide for her family, including the close-knit group of women working with her at the Palmetto, Florida strip mall salon Nail Artisans. However, when Desna’s rough-edged boyfriend Roller defaults on his promise to pay Desna what she needs to open a new salon, chaos ensues. Desna becomes increasingly entangled in the criminal world, dragging her crew, family, and lovers with her. 

Despite her many enemies, Desna grows more fearless; still, her friends question the woman she’s becoming, and her brother distances himself from her new persona. The family drama doesn’t stop with her, however, as Desna also witnesses her friends suffering from her choices. From money laundering to murder, selling pills in nail polish bottles to full-blown arson, and so much more, Desna stops at nothing to take down the people who stand in her way–even if it means double-crossing the people she promised to protect.

Mel's thoughts

The character diversity, thick Southern accents, and general Florida foolishness kept me hooked from the first episode. Desna and Roller’s romance was just the right balance of toxic and endearing to bring back memories of my own questionable partners from the past. I understood how Desna was consistently underestimated by the people she encountered and why proving them wrong was such a satisfying motivator for her. Female empowerment always wins with me, and Claws portrays women as outspoken, strong-minded, driven, opinionated, funny, and powerful. Of course, there’s plenty of cattiness, but also loyalty, friendship, and cooperation. This female-led comedy crime drama was easy to binge, and I highly recommend it to women who enjoy seeing other women win.

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