3 seasons

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A mind-bending German mystery that blends time travel with family drama, and explores the effects of industrialization in a new (supernatural) way!


Dark is a German mystery/sci-fi drama series that explores the history of a small town and its nuclear power plant over the course of three seasons. After children begin to go missing in 2019, several residents start exploring the mysteries surrounding the power plant and the caves that lie underneath it. They also begin to probe the pasts of their own families. A tale of time travel unfolds against the backdrop of secrets, infidelity, and mistrust amongst the town’s inhabitants. Each secret uncovered reveals new questions as the web of interconnections within the town, and across time, grows. One note: because this series is German, you may need subtitles.

Andrea's thoughts

Dark hooked me from the beginning, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I finished all three seasons. All of the characters were intriguing, from teenagers to their parents and grandparents. As the story evolved across multiple generations, I had fun pressing pause a few times each episode to check my understanding of who was who within the increasingly complex family trees. While I was fascinated by the broader questions of free will and destiny that Dark raises in the context of time travel, it was really the key characters and their relationships that I connected with. Could they save their families and friends from abduction or disaster? What would they sacrifice for the sake of true love or the greater good? Dark raised more questions than it ultimately answered, but for me watching the characters work through those questions was just as satisfying as finding out the answer to the latest puzzle in the mystery.