Derry Girls

2 seasons

Watch it for...

A light-hearted and nostalgic comedy set in Ireland that will remind you what it feels like to be in high school with your best friends.


Derry Girls, an Irish series with a wry sense of humor, centers around a group of teenage Catholic school kids and their families in Londonderry in the 1990s. The hit show offers a look at what it was like to live in Northern Ireland during a historic period of great religious tension while keeping the youthful, mischievous nature of the main characters at the forefront. As the teens test the limits of their small town both in and out of school, they experience all the traditional predicaments of adolescence, as well as the blunders that come with being young and daring, while grounding their experiences within the actual history taking place around them.

Claire's thoughts

I truly think Derry Girls is one of Netflix’s greatest hidden gems. I watch a lot of shows, and this is one I could re-watch many times over--there’s always something new to love about it! It takes the story of a small town during a trying time in history and shows the lighter side of the characters’ humanity and humor. It’s a hilarious ride, but for anyone who grew up wearing uniforms to school and going to religion class, it’ll hit even harder. What I love most about this show is that it so masterfully intertwines the culture and era of the setting with the storylines and individual personalities of the characters. They experience all the usual missteps and mishaps that most people do at the age of 15, but the delivery is unlike any traditional coming-of-age story. I also appreciated that it isn’t a huge time commitment. The episodes are short but jam-packed, and you’ll be rooting for the characters by the end.