2 seasons

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A whimsical and funny look into the lives of four best friends who are grappling with their love lives, careers, and their friendships as they all turn 30!


Dollface is a quirky, female-driven series that follows 4 best friends in their late-20s who are trying to figure out their careers, relationships, and everything in between. The story begins with the main character, Jules, facing the reality that she let her friendships suffer while she was in a relationship. After a sudden break-up, she must navigate her newly-single life. She’s guided by her imaginary inner conscience, who takes the form of an actual talking cat lady, as she works to rekindle the most important relationships of all—those with her best friends!

Bethany's thoughts

Dollface hit close to home for me, because I also spent the majority of my 20s in a relationship that resulted in me allowing my closest friendships to fade away. I loved this show because it shows that a thriving life after a terrible breakup is possible, and that your best years might just be on the horizon. The series is a hilarious, whimsical, and heartfelt portrayal of the modern woman, with relatable situations and hijinks that will keep you laughing. Dollface shows the comical side of life alongside difficult themes, like growing up and finding purpose. Each character is so well-rounded and exemplifies their own individual identities that will resonate with any female viewer. This show will influence you to pick up the phone and reconnect with any friends you may have lost along the way!