Drink Masters

1 season

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A fascinating peek into the skills, ingredients, and artistry behind craft cocktails with a charming, diverse cast of passionate mixologists.


Drink Masters features a group of twelve individuals who put their mixology skills to the test in hopes of being the final one standing, winning $100K, and earning the title of Ultimate Drink Master. Set in a swanky lounge, each episode highlights a main challenge for the competitors to face. The bartenders and mixologists must use their knowledge of ingredients and cocktail history, culinary and bartending techniques, and artistic flair to create drinks that both look and taste fantastic. The show’s host, comedian Tone Bell, banters with the competitors as they work, while expert mixologists and famed tastemakers in their own right, Julie Reiner and Frankie Solarik, serve as the show’s two judges. At the end of each main challenge, Bell, Reiner, and Solarik all sample the competitors’ creations, and the judging duo decides which contestant has created a “Top Shelf” cocktail. It’s a fun, creative show that will make you appreciate your local bartender just a little bit more!

Tamra's thoughts

As a fan of feel-good competition shows like Glow Up and The Great British Bake Off, I instantly connected with the warm, congenial vibe of Drink Masters. All three shows share the same watercolor-style ‘final result’ illustrations, too! The contestants on Drink Masters come from various countries, walks of life, and experience levels, but they all have a similar dedication to making completely original cocktails that transport and inspire the drinker. I know nothing about making craft cocktails and I’m not someone who visits trendy bars, but the mixologists walk viewers through how they approach the invention of new drinks, why they choose the combination of ingredients they do, and how the presentation (even a minor decision like the size and shape of a glass!) contributes to the final experience. It’s fascinating.

Half of the dozen contestants of this show are women. To see six women showcase incredible skill and to hear them share how they have navigated a male-dominated industry absolutely lit my heart on fire with admiration! The need to prove themselves, work harder, and be more creative than the guys is an aspect I related to on a personal level as I watched this series. I am the first in my family to live in another country, so I have experienced that imposter syndrome. Previously ignorant of the fact that mixology is majority male industry, I will forever now hold even higher respect for female bartenders and mixologists. Drink Masters is an irresistibly engaging, fun show that has educated me and inspired me to try new things.