3 seasons

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An in-depth and entertaining explanation on everyday topics from experts who take a thought-provoking and well-rounded perspective on their subjects!


Explained, produced by Vox, is a docuseries that examines popular topics that impact our life on a daily basis. Each episodes goes over one topic, question, or idea, and takes a deep dive into the history behind that subject with well-known celebrities as the narrator of the episode. The episodes bring in experts on the topic to explain how we as a society became obsessed with some of these subjects and discuss the good and bad that has come from them. Topics include everything from K-Pop to plastic surgery!  

Each episode provides research on the topic and uses academic, peer-reviewed articles to support the points they’re making. It is an educational series, but entertaining in the way the documentary is put together. After each episode, the viewer is left to question their preconceived beliefs on each topic based on the information that the show provided.

Sara's thoughts

I love a good documentary, and Vox’s Explained takes the cake for me. From the intro song to the inclusion of academic articles from reputable journals, I know I’m in for a treat. It’s beautifully shot, has real experts that go in-depth into the subjects, and they aren’t afraid to go into topics that might feel slightly taboo. I was particularly interested in the episodes that explain topics that related to various aspects of traditional “womanhood,” from diamonds and weddings to beautifying our skin. I was fascinated by how the history behind many of the things we’re taught we should want, like a big diamond and wedding or perfect skin, can be dark and actually are the result of huge cultural forces. Watching Explained has helped me to find alternative ways to live and break from the status quo!

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