Farmhouse Facelift

2 seasons

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A home-y, inspiring, and cozy design show that features old farmhouses being transformed into stunning and breathtaking new designs.


Farmhouse Facelift is a home renovation show, hosted by siblings Clint and Kelly, who work together to transform old and outdated farmhouses into beautiful and functional modern homes. The show follows them as they take on challenging renovation projects with the goal of preserving the character, history, and charm of the farmhouses while also incorporating modern amenities and design elements.

Throughout the show, they tackle a wide range of renovation challenges like dealing with outdated electrical and plumbing systems, working with limited budgets and tight timelines, and finding creative solutions to design dilemmas. You will also see the unique challenges that come along with working on older homes. The show provides lots of inspiration and ideas for anyone looking to renovate their own farmhouse or older home, while also showcasing the hard work, creativity, and passion that goes into the renovation process.

Tabitha's thoughts

I have always loved watching home renovation shows, and I’ve always wanted my own beautiful home out in the country. I’m close! I do live out in the country a bit…all I need now is my wrap-around porch! I love the dynamic of the whole show. Obviously, the houses are wonderful, but the great relationship between Clint and Kelly makes the show that much more interesting. The siblings talk a lot about their parents, and Clint even goes home every now and then so his dad can help him with a project. I love the family element so much, especially now, as a parent myself.  

I’ve also gotten so many cute ideas for around the house thanks to Kelly. I have repurposed old boxes and crates for storage and used old containers in ways I would have never thought to otherwise. If you like farmhouses and the country feel, while also seeing an already beautiful home transformed into something wonderful, this is definitely the show for you!

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