Firefly Lane

2 seasons

Watch it for...

The portrayal of a friendship between two women that spans decades, as they navigate growing up and growing older together through all of life’s ups-and-downs.


Firefly Lane tells the story of Tully and Kate, whose connection began during the 1970s when they were just 14. Viewers follow their lives through the ensuing decades, experiencing alongside them the milestones that define their lives: first romances, career successes and failures, weddings, children, and much more. Though they aren’t always in agreement, it’s what makes this powerful narrative an honest portrait of friendship. Even when times are tough for Tully and Kate, viewers ultimately come away feeling uplifted by the knowledge that their friendship is a bond that can’t be broken. Based on the novel by Kristin Hannah and with superb acting and incredible set design, this show is a testament to female friendships everywhere.

Jamie's thoughts

I always love a good drama, but especially ones about women helping other women. It’s harder to find than you would think! But in Firefly Lane, no matter what happens, Tully and Kate are always there for each other. Their friendship is something I strive for, and it reminded me of my relationship with my best friend. When I first saw Firefly Lane, my friend and I were in an argument. After I saw the show, I immediately called them to apologize. It was clear that even when Tully and Kate disagreed, it never changed how much they loved each other as friends. It's a great show for two best friends to watch together or for anyone who needs a reminder of what’s important. In addition to being an excellent drama, it shows that the strongest thing is friendship. I needed the reminder from Firefly Lane of how important our friends are, especially as I get older, and to keep them close. I can’t recommend it enough!  

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