Friends from College

2 seasons

Watch it for...

A good laugh and the best kind of intense-friend-group-drama, especially when you miss your besties (or the one that got away!) from college.


Friends from College is the perfect combination of laugh-out-loud comedy, heartbreak, passion, romance, and enduring loyalty. It is a story that follows 6 friends on their journeys as adults, 20 years after graduation from Harvard. All of their lives are intertwined in interesting ways, putting them in sticky situations at times, and their relationships are put to the test. Finding the fine balance between work and play, the outgoing crew sure knows how to have fun, even though they are faced with the stark reality that they can’t live in the past forever.

Heather's thoughts

I have never connected more with a show. I loved everything about it. The characters were so well developed, and it was easy for me to get wrapped up in each of their lives. By the time I finished watching the series, I felt as though I knew each of them. I think the dynamic they had with each other as friends was interesting and relatable. Like in the show’s group of friends, some of my friends mesh more than others, and so we break out into mini groups. But that can be complicated! I think it’s a show that has it all, and really shows the range that friendships have.

I highly recommend this series because as women, we understand what it’s like to balance work, kids, friends, and relationships. Friends from College toys with the idea of how every choice you make has consequences, and you watch these characters grapple with whether or not they made the “right” choices. In addition to being an entertaining show, it also prompted me to reflect on my own life. Mostly though, it made me miss my college days!