From Scratch

1 season

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A case of wanderlust, to awaken the artist within, to have a good cry, or inspiration to try that new recipe for homemade tomato sauce!


Based on Tembi Locke’s memoir by the same name, From Scratch begins with the main character, Amy, wrestling with a decision between law school in the U.S. or art school in Florence, Italy. Much to the chagrin of her father, Amy chooses Florence, where she meets Lino, a Sicilian who left the island and the family farm to be a chef (also to the disappointment of his family). This true story follows the pair as they fall in love, create a life for themselves, navigate cultural differences, and tackle some truly tough experiences.  

From being disowned by family to multiple health diagnoses, the story is beautifully told in both English and Italian. It’s an intimate look at what it means to fight for the people you choose, that family isn’t always based on blood, and how you persevere through the difficult periods of life. If you like romantic stories that don’t always have a traditional happy ending, or if you need some reassurance about the power of love, this series is for you. With a phenomenal cast, incredible chemistry, and Italy as the backdrop, it’s a gorgeous watch you won’t soon forget.

Stefanie's thoughts

I have a confession to make—I’m a self-admitted snob in one area of my life, and that’s Italian culture. As a teen, I lived in Milan for three years with my family, and now have a discerning eye for what feels like “real” Italy. It’s not all an Under the Tuscan Sun-style paradise! So, when I started From Scratch, I was hoping for a grittier, more authentic portrayal of life. Happily, the show delivered! I didn’t get a sappy love story, I got a life story. Trust me–don’t watch this all on one Saturday. Like any truly delicious Italian meal, you know that you have to let it simmer for a while to allow all of the flavors to come out, and the same is true for From Scratch. Your heart and soul will thank you.

This series is based on a real woman’s story of love, life and loss, so it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. What you end up seeing is an extremely complex story being brought to life, where people pursue their dreams despite family pressure and find the courage to have hard conversations. I’m actually in the process of considering how I can move back to Italy, because a vacation never seems to be quite enough. From Scratch truly delivered the inspiration I needed to take the plunge! I saw through the characters’ perspectives that life is short and that there is so much more to a “rich” life than money and success. This story was the perfect motivator to make that dream of living la dolce vita a reality.