Get Organized with The Home Edit

2 seasons

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The inspiration and actionable tips you’ve been looking for to clean out the junk drawer, or at least get it a little more organized!


To most people, when they finally decide to tackle their piles of excess stuff, organizing looks a little bit like this: sort everything into categories, buy the plastic bins to store it all, and put everything back where it belongs. Not Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, founders of The Home Edit, an organizational and lifestyle company they grew through the power of social media. Clea and Joanna don’t want to just organize your things, they want to transform your life. In Get Organized with The Home Edit, they show viewers how to streamline the excess and create systems that actually work for their lives.  


From regular people who need a closet makeover, to getting a sneak peek at celebrity clients’ homes (think Neil Patrick Harris, Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon and more), it makes one realize that we all struggle with keeping our stuff–and our lives–neat and tidy. Clea, Joanna, and their team explain their thought process to address tough projects and give viewers actionable tips for creating big change at home. If you like a great before-and-after transformation or just want a push to redo your bookshelves, this show will be right up your alley.

Stefanie's thoughts

I have to admit: I love the thought of having a really nice, organized home, but so many methods seemed aspirational instead of practical. Enter The Home Edit (THE). My friend recommended their Instagram after I said I needed to organize the apps on my phone, and THE suggested grouping them by color. I can’t exactly explain why, but that seemed to work for my brain. After app reorganization, I moved on to other things, like putting my most used herbs and spices on a turntable so that I could find them more easily. Then, I saw that they organized their books in rainbow color order—and that worked for me, too!


When I found out that they had a TV show, I couldn’t wait to watch. It was therapeutic for me and always provided that little bit of inspiration to begin a small project. I’d empty out a drawer and get to organizing instead of looking at my whole second bedroom. Instead of being overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had, they showed me that organization in smaller pieces makes a big impact on someone’s life. Watching Clea and Joanna feels like you have built-in BFFs in your home, helping you navigate the waters of organization without judgment. And that’s a transformational thing!