3 seasons

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A fun show about a diverse league of lady wrestlers, surviving in the ‘80s, navigating issues in work and life, and coming together despite their differences!


GLOW is based on the real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling league of the 1980s! Set in Los Angeles, struggling actress Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) is constantly overlooked due to her ambitious nature and desire to have independent, meaningful roles. Faced with eviction and a life of constant struggle, she takes the opportunity to become a lady wrestler, meeting a variety of wild characters, each with their own secrets, issues, and lives. While learning wrestling moves and throwing each other around in the ring, the ladies encounter a variety of issues from racism and homophobia to marital infidelity and betrayal. Together, they learn to believe in themselves and their worth as a team and go on to find success as professional women wrestlers.

Nicolette's thoughts

I was first attracted to the show because of Alison Brie. I loved her in Community and I knew I had to see more of her work! But the story of GLOW and its background were also intriguing. I asked my mom to watch it with me because she watched the original GLOW growing up. Watching the show, she would yell out, “Yes, I remember that move! It was so cool!” It was so fun to see my mom’s eyes light up as she fangirled about the acrobatics and tumbles the characters did and share her passion for wrestling with me.

By the time I finished the first few episodes, I had fallen in love with the characters, the plot, and the drama. The women and their relationships with each other felt authentic, and I could relate to their struggles on a personal level. Even though they argued and fought, even when they made bad decisions, they grew together and empowered each other. They found ways to work through their issues and understand each other more deeply despite all the obstacles in their lives. That is the core of sisterhood, and women empowering women is always something that I love to see onscreen. I loved GLOW!

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