Good Girls

4 seasons

Watch it for...

The thrill of watching three moms spiral into lives of crime when they’ve hit their emotional and financial limits doing things the “right” way!


Good Girls follows three moms who, in one way or another, run into financial troubles that make providing for their families difficult. The three best friends come together and decide the only way to remedy their situations is to rob a grocery store. After entering into a partnership with a local gang leader when their crime intersects with his work, their lives become increasingly complicated as they face the consequences of their actions and own up to what they really want. These former “good girls” are pushed to their limits and then some, but show with humor and intelligence how far mothers will go to protect and provide for their children.

Christina's thoughts

The premise of this show sounded so fun to me, so I started watching for that. Who hasn’t thought about a get-rich-quick scheme? But what I stayed for was the relationship between Beth, the main character, and Rio, the gang leader. Their dynamic is very push-and-pull, making the show easy to get obsessed with (I couldn’t get enough of them!). It was fun to see her, a stay-at-home mom, and him, a gang leader, presented as equals. Really though, all three women were strong and independent, which I loved. I was able to relate to all of them, and I enjoyed their comedic banter about the ups-and-downs of motherhood! I’m a stay-at-home mom myself, and I feel like we are all looking for entertainment outside of our children. I don’t need to commit a crime, but I’m happy to watch moms do it on TV!

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