Good Omens

1 season

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The escape into a witty, sharp, and thought-provoking world where the fight between good and evil is sidelined by the threat of the apocalypse.


British legends come together in this fantasy comedy based on the book by Neil Gaiman to make us laugh as angel and demon, Aziraphale and Crowely, become friends throughout their immortal lives on Earth. When they learn they’re both to play a part in the Apocalypse, they encounter unexpected internal conflict, trying unsuccessfully to paint the world in as simple a concept as good and evil. Eventually, against all odds, and their better judgement, they realize that they’ll have to work together after all, and can only hope that they get it right to save humanity.

Shelly's thoughts

In a world full of shows that capitalize on drama and heartache, Good Omens was a breath of lighthearted comedic air. The wit and plot absurdity of British television was on point and the show never forgot how to remain smart while coming across as very “cheeky.” It’s a play on the concept of good and evil and somehow manages to make me consider deeper philosophies without the mental hangover. My Catholic Grandmother might disagree with how they portray the nuns, but anyone who had their knuckles slapped in private school like me would probably find it to be an accurate representation!

A (very cute) English man who I worked with recommended this to me, and I couldn’t help but laugh throughout watching the show, knowing that there were layers of subtle English jokes piled in that he’d probably be happy to explain to me later. Whether or not you’re totally onboard with all of the British lingo, this American woman was super happy to look forward to my TV and popcorn nights from which I didn’t have to emotionally recover before bed!

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