2 seasons

Watch it for...

Sharp dialogue that’s peppered with nonstop laugh-out-loud jokes, Emmy-award winning performances, and a deliciously bright Las Vegas vibe.


Hacks explores the relationship between a legendary Las Vegas comedian, Deborah Vance, and a young writer, Ava. When Deborah is faced with the possibility of losing her residency, her manager sends Ava to step in as a writer to freshen up her act. Ava is hesitant about the opportunity but is left with no other choice after posting a raunchy tweet that led to her reputation tanking—no one else will hire her. As they both struggle to recoup their image after falling victim to their own respective falls from grace, they find ways to learn from one another and grow as women in a traditionally male-dominated field. The show underscores the double standards that women in the entertainment industry struggle to combat while offering a nuanced and hilarious perspective on growth, life, and friendship.

Gloria's thoughts

There are so many reasons why I love Hacks, but I want to start with one of the things it doesn’t have: a “traditional” romantic relationship. I say “traditional” because there is an extraordinary relationship at the heart of the show, it just doesn’t look the way another show might imagine it. Rather, it blossoms through the partnership that grows between Deborah and Ava. Their platonic, professional relationship is just as intricate and intense as the romantic ones we are often fed.  

Hacks also raises the age-old question, what do women want? Often answered in television shows with “a romantic partner”, or “to get younger”, or if all else fails, “a nice long bath,” Hacks goes much further. This is where I thought Hacks really shone! It questions these outdated ideas and brings to life real, raw, deeply flawed characters who challenge the typical confines of “acceptable” femininity. They are brash, outspoken, and painfully honest to everyone around them—and they find themselves paying the price. I love a show with characters that really make me feel understood. Ava and Deborah both bring an air of honesty to them that women of all ages will find themselves relating to. Hacks knows that what we really want is recognition for our hard work, fulfillment, and maybe to find that one antique we’ve had our eye on for a while.

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