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A chance to escape into a fabulous life in New York with four funny and smart best friends as they chase their dreams, find love, and rely on each other!


Harlem follows four smart, savvy, and stylish Black women in New York’s infamous neighborhood as they chase their ambitious dreams and laugh their way through dating mishaps and personal meltdowns. From overbearing mothers to continuing education, each of the four—a professor, a tech entrepreneur, a singer, and a designer—struggle to manage their lives and romantic entanglements, all the while coming to terms with turning 30 and living in a city where the only constant is change. The one thing they can always rely on though? Each other. This show is a gold mine for representation and the lavish (and not so lavish) lives of a group of best friends who are funny and real, in one of the greatest cities in the world!

Destiny's thoughts

Growing up as a woman of color, I tended to only see polarizing opinions of people that look like me on TV…if I saw people like me onscreen at all. But it was never the glamorous Sex in the City-style life I always wanted to experience, which is why I was so excited when Harlem premiered. Harlem balances the lavish, idealized version of life in New York with your best friends while also including the very real challenges and experiences that Black women face. Watching these women navigate everything from gentrification and microaggressions to flirting with exes and not giving up on your dreams was refreshing and fun. I loved it!