House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

<h1 class="media-title-large">House of Secrets:<br/>The Burari Deaths</h1>

1 seasons

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Insight into the investigation of a chilling and mysterious crime committed in Delhi, with lots of unexpected and surprising twists and turns!


This documentary follows the murder and subsequent investigation of the Chundawat family. Beloved by friends and neighbors, they were found dead in their home with virtually no leads and zero witnesses to what happened in 2018. Initially ruled as murder, the case becomes increasingly complicated as the investigation goes on. The documentary features interviews from the people that found them, police, and others that were there the day they were discovered. With the many twists and turns of the investigation, the viewer is left wondering if their killer or killers will be brought to justice—or if it’s something else entirely. Please be aware that suicide is discussed.

Jinger's thoughts

I remember hearing about this family when they were discovered in 2018, because the case made global news and it just happened to be my birthday. I was also working for a family from India at the time. When I saw the documentary, I was curious and decided to check it out since I knew from headlines that it was a strange case.

I like creepy and scary true crime, but this was next level! There are so many twists and turns in this story that kept me guessing and engaged the entire show. For example, several of the family members claimed to be possessed or have delusions before they passed. The only survivor was the family dog, and he had a high fever and was tied up like the rest of the family. Police also found 11 journals that had some pretty gruesome details about what happened. I enjoyed watching this documentary because it was very eye-opening into another culture, another system of beliefs, and the dangers of manipulation. I recommend it for any fan of true crime as it is fast-paced, informative, and pretty shocking.