I am Mother

1 hour, 53 minutes

Watch it for...

A haunting and thought-provoking journey that brings the viewer through a vision of lost humanity, in a future where humans are close to extinction.


Our robot-led adventure begins with the birth of a character known simply as “Daughter.” Slowly, like a mechanical flower in bloom, viewers watch as the robot known as “Mother” learns the nature of motherhood as she bonds with Daughter while raising her. Yet, as we see their relationship flourish and Daughter learns the “art of humanity,” a dark secret begins to spill out like a poison. As she discovers the darker side of the “art” she’s been taught, Daughter begins to suspect that her world might not be all it seems. The question left for viewers is: what does Mother do when her Daughter threatens them all?

Ara's thoughts

When giving form and life to the ghosts of potential dystopian futures, the role of womanhood and fertility has often remained in the shadows of sci-fi. If present, these topics are often only depicted through the male gaze. I am Mother challenges this creative history with this woman-centered storyline and all-women cast. The experience of watching this movie not only asks viewers to reflect on the nature of the metamorphosis required to survive extinction, but also to recognize the impact that womanhood and ideas of "mothering" and "feminine-creation" have on such transformations. I could not recommend this film more for women of all ages and backgrounds; watching this film was, in some sense, an experience of feminine religiosity. This movie weaves together the existence of women’s narratives prevalent in religions around the world. From creator, to destroyer, to mother, to maiden — I am Mother paints a dystopian future through an often silenced female perspective, that ultimately begs the question of what it means to be human.