I Want You Back

1 hour, 57 minutes

Watch it for...

Laugh-out-loud humor and relatable (if cringe-worthy!) post-break-up behavior, all packaged with heartfelt moments of love and friendship!


I Want You Back follows the story of Emma (Jenny Slate) and Pete (Charlie Day) as they both navigate through post-break-up grief. The two thirty-somethings randomly meet while crying in a stairwell of the building they both work in. Learning that they have both recently been dumped by the ‘loves of their lives,’ and that their exes have already moved on to new relationships, they scheme together on how to intervene in their exes’ new romances in an attempt to win them back. Chaos ensues, and along the way both characters learn about themselves and each other in meaningful ways.

Jessica's thoughts

Jenny Slate and Charlie Day are hilarious together; they had me literally laughing out loud from the start! Their relationship is filled with quick-witted dialogue and quirky scenarios that keep the movie humming along with punchy, relatable humor. This is the perfect movie for a quick pick-me-up and, if you’ve ever been dumped (which I have), you will definitely relate to their misery. Happily though, that isn’t the main theme of the movie. Without being overly sappy, the movie focuses more on friendship and what true love really looks like than the aftermath of a break-up. Overall, I thought I Want You Back was sweet and brought a fresh twist to the rom-com genre. While the plotline does feel a little predictable, it’s also more emotionally mature than others I’ve seen, and it’s definitely entertaining. I liked it so much I watched it again with a girlfriend!