Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millenial

1 hour, 12 minutes

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A comedian’s irreverent take on dating and getting married in your mid-30s, and incisive and funny commentary on the undeniable truths of being a modern woman.


If you are a fellow "elder millennial" or consider yourself close to one, this special will make you feel seen. This is particularly true if you (1) met your partner or spouse on a dating app, (2) have an entire section of your closet dedicated to athleisure, and (3) love your pets as much as your own children. Iliza hilariously exposes the double-edged sword of feminism in dating today, the lack of creativity in meeting your partner online, the general challenges of existing as a woman, and the evolution of our viewpoints about marriage and parenthood as our biological clocks tick. This is Iliza’s fourth special and she deserves her encore – her physical comedy is just as on point as her punchlines. As a viewer, you’ll come away feeling empowered as a woman and laughing like you just hung out with a best friend.

Elizabeth's thoughts

I am a big fan of irreverent comedy and, while I didn’t meet my husband on a dating app, I am an elder millennial and resonated with many of Iliza’s jokes. Her joke that starts with, “Let me tell you a tale about … the landline” killed me, the stereotypes she featured for our generation left me called out, and her stories around dating are the exact mishaps my girlfriends and I have talked about. Her pacing, physical comedy, and jokes are a perfect medley that left me thinking of her set for days. She is a great performer and knows how to execute her wit by marrying it with a slapstick routine, resulting in a sidesplitting ode to comedic theatrics. Her newlywed special, Unveiled, came out in 2019, and I’m very much looking forward to the one to inevitably follow since she welcomed a daughter (like me!) this year!