I'm Sorry

2 seasons

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An irreverent, funny, and refreshingly honest show about parenthood from the perspective of a woman balancing her roles as comedy writer, wife, and mom.


I’m Sorry is a hilarious series about motherhood and what happens when you don’t fall into the polite, stereotypical “suburban mom”-box. Comedian Andrea Savage plays herself as Andrea, a comedy writer, wife, and mother living in suburban L.A. She experiences plenty of cringe-worthy and awkward moments as she and her husband, Mike, navigate very real parenting challenges related to puberty, bullying, racism, and more —all with a delightful level of immaturity!

Andrea and Mike’s marriage dynamic is sweet to watch, as Mike has a loving appreciation for her often-vulgar sense of humor. Their daughter Amelia is more on the mature side, and loves to ask difficult questions! These questions set Andrea up to shine with her sometimes too-honest and occasionally graphic answers. I’m Sorry offers a refreshing and fun take on parenthood and marriage. It is a must-watch!

Natalie's thoughts

I’m Sorry was a random “scroll and click” choice for us one evening, and I was sold by the end of the first scene! I called my husband over and then restarted it with him. What a gem! I’m not sure what made me click on it, but I’m so glad I did.

My husband and I love watching (and rewatching) I’m Sorry together, and we both enjoy it equally as much. Our kids are around the same age as the daughter in the show, Amelia, so we really relate, but it’s great for anyone with or without kids. We have dealt with many of the parenting situations that Andrea and Mike encounter, and this connection to them as parents has made their characters feel realistic and relatable. Watching the joy in their marriage as they navigate parenthood has made us stop and think that maybe WE should loosen up and be a little more immature! I recommend this show to any of my mom friends who are looking for something funny and different.

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