In From the Cold

1 season

Watch it for...

The incredible lengths mothers go to protect their daughters
especially when the mother is a supernatural former spy solving a string of murders!


While chaperoning her daughter’s figure skating competition in Madrid, single American mom Jenny is forced to dig up her long-buried past identity as Anya, a highly-trained Russian spy to help the CIA solve a mysterious string of murders. Not only must she reacquaint herself with her former fighting skills, but she must also reignite her strenuous special abilities given to her as part of a supernatural KGB experiment. Jenny is reluctant to comply, but in order to return to the life she has built for herself and her daughter, she must complete this mission. It has the suspense and mystery of The Bourne Identity, the complicated familial relationships and supernatural elements of Hanna, and the strong feminine and slightly unhinged energy of Villanelle from Killing Eve.

Hannah's thoughts

I watch a lot of different genres of television and movies, but I have always felt that the action, thriller, and sci-fi were so male-dominated that I had a hard time staying interested. Of course there are exceptions, but believe me when I say that I was thrilled to see In From the Cold pop-up on my Netflix queue! I was immediately hooked but was surprised that many people I spoke to about it hadn’t seen it yet, to which I said “You need to go watch this right now!”


While my life is significantly more chill compared to the lives of former government agents, I understand that we all have parts of our past lives that we have buried in order to grow as humans. I really loved that the central character of Jenny/Anya has the toughness of a spy but is also in touch with her sexuality and maternal instincts. Neither of these things defines who she is entirely. She is human, and like all humans, she has the ability to grow and adapt to her life as it changes and learn from the mistakes she makes on the way. I love that this show centers on this imperfect, multidimensional woman and gives me permission to be every imperfect version of myself
and I have to admit it’s also fun watching her take down bad guys!