Indian Matchmaking

2 seasons

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A healthy perspective on marriage, to date vicariously through these men and women, and to learn about another culture (with some serious sari eye candy!).


Indian Matchmaking follows Sima Taparia, Mumbai’s top matchmaker, as she helps men and women find their perfect match. In the show, Sima travels around the world to meet her clients (and their families, which is half the fun!) and help them answer one of life’s hardest questions…what are you looking for in a relationship? Sima is a voice of reason in the selection process, helping both sides consider matches that they might have initially rejected. She provides genuine insight and advice that can only result from more than 20 years in the business of helping people find love. She helps people who are looking for love better understand themselves, manage their expectations, keep an open mind, and become better partners for their future matches.

Sima regularly works with more than 100 families at one time and calls it a “24/7 job,” helping you understand not just how sought after she is, but how much time and energy she devotes to her work. After all, whether someone is getting married in India or America, in a beautiful sari or a traditional wedding gown, Sima knows that everyone is just looking for someone with whom they can spend their life…and she gets to be the connecting force between them.

Stefanie's thoughts

I started watching Indian Matchmaking after my mom recommended it to me. I was skeptical, as I’m not a huge reality TV watcher, but she and my dad watched both seasons in 2 days so I was convinced to give it a try. As you’ll see in the show, parents often know best, and this was definitely true for this show!

One of my favorite things was how it challenged my preconceived notions around arranged marriages. I learned that in Indian culture, it’s not even called arranged marriage. It’s either marriage…or a love marriage. I found myself thinking about how beautiful that was. Both versions are about commitment and real partnership. Sometimes that partnership begins on the day you meet! And as Sima’s extensive files and notes show, it’s not random—there’s so much thought that goes into her selections for different people.  

What really got to me was when they started to introduce real-life older couples whose marriages were arranged in a When Harry Met Sally vignette style. You see these people who have spent their lives together, whether they fell in love or were set up, and they have so much sparkle in their eyes. You can see the care they have for each other. In a world where reality shows are usually full of fluff, this one is full of substance and heart. It certainly encouraged me to seek out love for myself…matchmaker or not!

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