Interior Design Masters

1 season

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A captivating experience that lets you explore the world of interior design and embrace your creative side while keeping you on the edge of your seat!


Interior Design Masters showcases the ingenuity, flexibility, and artistic ability of amateur interior designers. These individuals are given the task of transforming out-of-date homes into extravagant masterpieces. Contestants must work together as a team to create a beautiful property. However, each designer is assigned their own room in the house. In their rooms the designers can decorate according to their own style or personality.

With a time limit, some tools, and a general idea of how each room should tie together, the team gets to work and tries their hardest to finish their room before the time runs out. Upon completion, each room will be judged, and one person will be eliminated from the competition. Unfortunately, many designers run into minor or major inconveniences that threaten the integrity of the room and even the entire house. The stakes are high: the winner of Interior Design Masters is awarded a career-defining contract for one of London’s top hotels.

Stephanie's thoughts

I love Interior Design Masters because it encourages and inspires my natural artistic abilities! I watch this show with my eleven-year-old daughter, and the entire time, we sit on the couch criticizing or applauding the contestants' decisions as if we were professionals ourselves. When each episode is over, my daughter and I start brainstorming ideas for how we can redecorate each room of our house. It’s an easy and fun show to watch together, with just enough competition to keep things interesting. Interior Design Masters has provided my daughter and me with quite a few laughs and plenty of valuable bonding, along with a healthy dose of inspiration for a potential remodel!