Jane the Virgin

5 seasons

Watch it for...

The sweet love triangle at the heart of the show, the chance to see three strong multi-generational Latinx women onscreen, and the fun of Miami!


Life goes from normal to disordered rather quickly when 20-something Jane finds out that she’s pregnant, even though she’s a virgin. Her simple life gets turned upside down when she’s accidentally artificially inseminated at a routine appointment. The news sends shockwaves through her small family that, in the beginning, consists of just Jane, her young mother, and her abuela (grandmother). Now she must decide how to move forward, and the drama doesn’t stop there. Now with a baby on the way, Jane’s family continues to grow on many levels while her unique story unfolds.

Amanda's thoughts

I waited a long time to watch this show and I wish I hadn’t! Though, now as a mother myself, I have a much different appreciation for it than I would have as a single twenty-something like Jane. I loved the focus on the relationships in the show, which are the soul of the series. Sure, she got pregnant while being a virgin, which was very entertaining and a fun premise. But every relationship in the show was so special. The love between the three generations of women in Jane’s family is something we can all only hope to have with our own families.  

Besides the romance, drama, and white sand beaches, the show also touches on social issues, like immigration, which shed light on what it is like for Latinx women in America. It made the show more relevant and realistic among the dramatic chaos.