1 hour, 29 minutes

Watch it for...

Heart-pounding action that exploits all of humanity's deepest fears around smart devices and A.I., all wrapped up in a compelling mystery!


Angela Childs, played by Zoe Kravitz, is a “voice dream interpreter” with major social anxiety. The tech company where she works is in the midst of developing a “smart speaker,” called Kimi, that monitors human activity to boost its algorithm (…sound familiar?). In one of her daily work recordings, she hears what sounds like a murder on the other end. Leaving the safety of her home, Angela tries to do the right thing by reporting the incident. What she’s met with is suspicion and conspiracy that triggers all of her own worst nightmares, both literally and figuratively.

Lauren's thoughts

One of the major reasons why I love KIMI is because of how the film meets at the intersection of our collective anxieties as a culture. Smart devices that spy on us. The COVID-19 pandemic. Untrustworthy corporations and government entities. It also interweaves all of that with a singular portrait of the fears of women, specifically, as it deals with assault and not being believed by the authorities (trigger warning).

Though the main character Angela is thrown down the rabbit hole of truly insane circumstances, her story arc is grounded in a such a real and honest way that I think most women will resonate with her. It also helps that Academy Award winning director Steven Soderberg (Erin Brockovich) throws in some cool visuals to boot.