Kim's Convenience

5 seasons

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The heartwarming and hilarious portrayal of a Korean-Canadian family navigating life, culture, and generational clashes with humor and love.


Kim's Convenience is a charming and witty sitcom that follows the lives of a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store in Toronto. The series centers around Mr. Kim ("Appa") and Mrs. Kim ("Umma"), who own and operate the store, and their two adult children, Janet and Jung. Appa is a traditional, often stubborn father with a big heart, while Umma is the nurturing and pragmatic matriarch. This older couple strives to maintain their Korean culture at home while adapting to the ever-changing world around them. Janet is a photography student striving for independence, and Jung works at a car rental company and has a complicated relationship with his father. Kim's Convenience expertly blends humor with cultural insights, offering a heartfelt and comedic exploration of family dynamics, immigrant experiences, and the generational divide.

Katherine's thoughts

I loved watching Kim's Convenience because it felt like I was getting an inside view into another ethnic family's trials and tribulations. As a Latina born and raised in the U.S., I am influenced by expectations from both cultures. Should I speak to the checkout lady in Spanish if I notice it might be her first language, or should I continue in English to avoid making those around us uncomfortable? Should I straighten my wavy hair or revel in its fullness? These are questions I asked myself, as I’m sure many other young women have as well. Janet from Kim's Convenience doesn’t speak much Korean in the show, even though her parents often give her a hard time for it. This situation is relatable and paints a candid picture of the challenges faced by many young women in dual-language homes.

The most touching part about these real-life scenarios is that they are portrayed with so much humor and love. The characters speak honestly about how their parents' traditions influence their views on sexuality and career choices. They do it so respectfully—it reminded me that it’s okay to speak my truth, as long as I listen to what the other side has to say. There are a million other life lessons found within the show, but that one resonated with me. I’ll leave you with the knowledge that I would gladly watch any episode of Kim's Convenience again for a good laugh or a quick lesson on what it means to embrace life—both the good and the bad.

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