Life in Pieces

4 seasons

Watch it for...

Validation that your life is absolutely normal, your overwhelm is real, and the crazy people in your life are definitely still worth loving.


Life in Pieces is a witty and endearing comedy sitcom that follows the quirky and intertwined lives of the Short family. The show features a unique storytelling format, with each episode divided into four short, standalone stories, offering varied perspectives on the family's daily adventures. At the heart of the series are John (James Brolin) and Joan Short (Dianne Wiest), the loving and slightly eccentric parents. Their three grown children—Greg, a nerdy and endearing new dad; Matt, a romantically challenged middle child; and Heather, the overprotective oldest daughter—navigate their own familial and personal challenges. From the trials of parenthood and marriage to the humor found in everyday life, Life in Pieces blends heartfelt moments with laugh-out-loud comedy, providing a genuine and humorous look at the complexities and joys of modern family life.

Anne's thoughts

I love watching other people's lives–it may be part of the reason I became a therapist if I'm honest. Watching Life in Pieces was like getting to be a fly on the walls of this quirky but completely relatable family. There were multiple situations in each episode that made me think the writers of the show knew me–not in the embarrassing, "hide myself" way, but in the "I feel so seen and validated" way. Like watching Jen discover the effects of childbirth on her nether regions.

The show reminded me to find the humor in the chaos of life, to be real about it even when it's hard, and to appreciate the story of my own life. Watching Heather and Tim hold onto their own coolness while raising kids who absolutely don’t agree, hit super close to home for me.

Even though laughing is a top value of mine, I wouldn't say that TV easily makes me laugh out loud, but this show made me laugh so hard I cried numerous times. Bonus points for being a show that is so easy to talk about with others–it's perfect fodder for small talk at a dinner party or an icebreaker to real talk with your girlfriends.

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