Love, Guaranteed

1 hour, 31 minutes

Watch it for...

A romance fix that blends both work/life balance and a dating apps that will leave you laughing and rooting for the main characters!


Susan is a Seattle lawyer whose firm is failing due to her commitment to work for a small business that often leaves her unpaid. She’s a bit of a workaholic and doesn’t leave much time for herself…let alone dating. Nick, a physical therapist, on the other hand, has been busy on the Love, Guaranteed dating website and has been on almost 1,000 dates without successfully finding love. Because the dating site guarantees love, Nick decides to sue. Susan agrees to take the case, and learns more about charismatic Nick and how to enjoy life outside the courtroom.

Jessica's thoughts

As a rom-com junkie, this movie checked all the boxes of a good rom-com for me: cute dialogue, early tension between Susan and Nick, and a heartfelt finish. The acting was winsome and I really liked how the romance felt authentic without going too far into the “cheese zone”. I suggest this flick for an easy, uplifting watch or while doing other tasks as it doesn’t require intense focus. And, for anyone who has attempted dating online, it really captures the humor and frustration that often comes with it through the dating sequences that both Susan and Nick pursue. Finally, as a wine nerd, I would also like to add that this movie definitely pairs well with friends and a bottle of bubbly! :)