Love is Blind

3 seasons

Watch it for...

The awe of watching of fast-paced engagements, from blind courtships to the wedding in just weeks, between people who initially can't see each other!


This romance/competition reality TV show is a social experiment to see if love is truly “blind." Men and women are separated and “date” one another using pods that separate them through walls. These men and women are all looking for the right person to marry and hold conversations with the hopes of finding “the one.” They only see each other once they are engaged where they are all whisked off to a vacation, move in together, and prepare for a wedding within a few short weeks.

Holly's thoughts

From the outside it may look like a train wreck (I get that!), but this is one train wreck that you not only won’t be able to look away from, you’ll also invest your heart in! The reality of the world is tough, but the idea that love could actually be blind, and true love can be built from intimate conversations and not from physical appearance, renews my faith in humanity. If you are married, it will have you look lovingly over at your spouse with those “bedroom eyes.” If you are single, it is the perfect training manual on how to identify toxic people and toxic relationship traits, a la “train wreck."

While watching this season, I went from twinges of adoration to wanting to toss my laptop out the window to crying with the participants as they experienced real personal growth and the power to choose what is best for themselves over what others want.  If you give it a chance, you may learn a little more about resilience, making tough choices, and risking it all when love is on the line.