Love Life

2 seasons

Watch it for...

A good reminder that learning how to love yourself first is the key to eventually finding the person who will love you as you are!


Love Life is an anthology series that takes the viewer through one character’s trials and tribulations as they date and discover themselves, from their first major love to their last. The first season follows Anna Kendrick’s character, Darby, who’s a little awkward and ‘going through the motions’ of dating as she tries to find love. After a few major heartbreaks, a one-night stand, and a few flings that never turn into anything ‘real,’ she focuses on her friends and finds her way forward. The second season follows William Jackson Harper’s character, Marcus, as he goes through a divorce and re-enters the dating world. Both seasons show the entirety of the characters’ love lives, and the convoluted way things work out sometimes.

Miya's thoughts

If you’re like me and don’t have the attention span for a 10-season show, Love Life is perfect! I started Love Life because there were a few actors that I liked in it, and I was looking for something short and sweet. After only one episode I quickly realized that this show would become quite inspirational to my life, as I have had my fair share of heartbreaks and abusive relationships. Not only does it show the real life awkwardness of dating, but the first season especially shows a realistic depiction of the toll dating can take on women’s mental health and overall quality of life.

I loved this show because you get to see not only the main character's story, but many women around her, so there is something for everyone to relate to. It also really makes you feel normal after a lifetime of not understanding why love never works out for you (or is that just me?)!  The acting performances are incredible, and the show does a great job depicting the other areas of life people struggle with as they navigate their love lives: working different jobs, owning businesses, going to college, balancing friendships. This show that I put on one day just to pass the time ended up being one of my favorites. It’s taught me a lot about the importance of staying true to myself.