Love on the Spectrum

2 seasons

Watch it for...

Heartfelt storylines, memorable characters, and a refreshing perspective on dating that will leave you feeling all the warm fuzzies!


Love on the Spectrum is an Australian documentary reality series that features young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate love and relationships. Dating can be scary for pretty much everyone and can be especially intimidating for those that aren’t neurotypical. The show explores their dating disappointments and successes in a manner that’s rooted in empathy and understanding, staying away from stereotypical depictions of the community. It’s a charming and encouraging watch for both autistic and non-autistic audiences alike!

MacKenzie's thoughts

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been much of a “reality” show person, but if more shows were like this I might be! I laughed, I cried, and in the end I felt like I knew everyone on the show personally and was really rooting for them. The show strips away the drama and games we find commonplace in “traditional” dating and takes us back to the basics: two people nervous to connect with the other in hopes of finding true love. It’s a show without cynicism, which is hard to find, and I feel like I believe a little more in “love” after watching it!

There’s a particularly charismatic member of the series named Michael who had me in tears from laughing so hard. His quips and one-liners are hilarious, but his commitment to customary courting rules and expertise on the subject is even more entertaining! I would watch him for hours if he had his own show.