1 season

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A cute, fun, and creative spin on the classic dating comedy with a psychic as the main character who can see everyone’s future but her own!


Maggie faces the same issues everyone has when dating: bad matches, weird behavior, and   lots of first dates. The difference for her is that she’s a psychic who can see everyone’s future but her own. She only has future visions of strangers, friends, and family…until she meets a new and exciting stranger, when she starts to see her destiny intertwined with his. The problem with the future is that it won’t stop changing, and not everything is exactly as it seems in her visions. Maggie’s plans go awry when she does everything she can to make sure things pan out exactly as they’re supposed to, but keeps getting in her own way as she tries to control her future. This light and warm show follows Maggie’s journey as she learns new things about herself, her powers, and those closest to her in surprising ways. Be prepared for love, laughs, and maybe even some tears.

Kristin's thoughts

I was hooked on this show from the first episode. I love media that showcases psychics and other mystical powers that are still grounded in reality, and this show is exactly that! I don’t typically enjoy shows that go above and beyond to get the laugh, so Maggie’s effortlessly funny, witty, and quirky writing (without being absurd) was perfect. I’m also a sucker for feel-good rom-coms that leave you guessing what will happen, and Maggie delivers. Definitely watch it if you love a good will-they-won’t-they trope. That said, I also liked that this show wasn’t just about romance. There are storylines about Maggie’s work and her relationship to her parents, and her friendships play a huge role in her life too. It was great to see. Also—Maggie’s outfits are incredible (her closet is amazing!). I promise by the end of the show you will be rooting for Maggie’s success both in love and in life!